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5 acquitted in illegal stocking of cough syrup case (28-06-2023)

Indore, 28 June 2023: A special court acquitted five persons in relation to a five year old case of alleged illegal transportation of around one lakh bottles of cough syrup.

The special court (NDPS) of Anil Kumar Sahu acquitted Mohan Lal, Ranjan Shukla, Sandeep Kale, K......
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Source : The Times of India
special court special court acquitted alleged illegal transportation one lakh bottles of cough syrup acquitted Mohan Lal Ranjan Shukla Sandeep Kale Kaushal Akhilesh alias Guddu giving them the benefit of the doubt judgement prosecution failed to establish the link link of the accused with a stock of syrup found in the godown of Gopal Mittal syrup was purchased by Manoj Bhaskar drug inspector BD Tripathi conducted actions very carelessly and ignorantly failing to collect important and essential evidence

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