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 Case Digest

Right to Information Act 2005
Section 2(j)-“right to information”
Section 2(j)-“right to information”
Judgements of the courts - Since these are court judgements, it is for the appellant to approach the appropriate courts to obtain the copies of those judgements. There is no reason why anyone else including the parties to those cases, who might come to possess of those judgements, should be obliged under the RTI Act to provide those copies as ‘information’ to the appellant. Any applicant for a court order as information under RTI Act should therefore apply to the court where the order originated. He cannot seek it from others or other public authorities even if the public authority has come to possess a copy of that order under any specific condition.
CIC/AT/A/2006/00321 dated 23.11.2006 on Appeal from Shri S. Haja Najeemudeen Vs Indian Veterinary Research Institute
Section 2(j)-“right to information”
Opinions through a questionnaire - Citizen can ask for copies of documents containing the information. But they cannot seek opinions through a questionnaire.
CIC/OK/A/2006/00049 dated 2.5.2006 on appeal from Shri Mahavir Singhvi
Section 2(j)-“right to information”
Can a requester seek opinions of the authorities? - The PIO is required to ‘provide information’ which is available in any form with her office rather than giving her ‘personal opinion’ on the questions asked by the requester.
CIC/MA/A/2006/00150 dated 19.6.2006 on appeal from Shri P.N. Kalra
Section 2(j)-“right to information”
Information held by citizen himself - Insofar as information is held by a citizen himself, it must be construed that he already had access to such information and his seeking the same from a public authority is a wholly infructuous exercise. In such cases, it should suffice if the public authority intimates to the appellant whether or not his/her letters/petitions had been received by that public authority and the dates thereof.
CIC/AT/A/2006/00411 dated 5.12.2006 on Appeal from Shri G.P.S. Rana Vs Delhi Police
Section 2(j)-“right to information”
Creation of information - Under sec. 2(j) of the RTI Act 2005 only information as held by or under the control of any public authority can constitute a right to information for which a citizen can claim access.
CIC/WB/A/2006/00379; 00380 & 00381 dated 21.12.2006 on Appeals from Shri Rajendra Prashad Jain Vs NDMC
Section 2(j)-“right to information”
Do it youself - In another Decision CIC asked the applicant to compile the information themselves.
CIC/OK/C/2007/00415 dated 21.1.2008 on Complaint from Shri M.P. Radhakrishnan Vs Southern Railway, Palghat


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