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 Case Digest

Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945
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Rule 49 - Appointment of Drugs Inspector
Rule 61, 64, 65 (2) and 65 (19)—requirement of employing qualified persons by dealers while supplying drugs in containers marketed by the manufacturers—
Rule 65 (15) (c)—Qualified Person—meaning of
Rule 66-Licence for retail sale of drugs-cancellation of
Rule 66 License-cancellation of
Rule 66, Section 34 —application of the provisions of – drug licence—cancellation of
Rule 66 (1)—Cancellation of the drugs licence of the petitioner firm under—NDPS Act, 1985—Sections 8/11, 22
Rule 122-O—Cancellation and suspension of licences
Rules 75A, 96, 97, Section 17 (b)—Sections 27 (d), 18 (a)(i), 18 (a)(vi), 18 (c)—cognizance taken for violation of the provisions of—appeal against
Rule 64—Licence—grant of – to run a pharmaceutical outlet on the tenanted premises—applied for
Rule 66(1)—Cancellation of drug Licence—of the petitioner—in challenge
Rule 66—Cacellation and suspension of licence without Show cause notice
Rule 61(1) and (2) and Rule 64(3) – Application was declined as was not accompanied by the ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the landlord-Constitution of India, 1950 – Article 226 – petition under – to call for records and quash the same an direct the respondents to effect the change in the constitution of firm and grant the license in favour of the petitioner
Rule 65-A - the respondents not satisfied with the petitioner having any valid right over the premises, refused to renew the licence-Constitution of India, 1950 - Article 226 - petition under - for issuance of a Writ o Certiorarified Mandamus
Rule 54-A - Prohibition for sale-No need for the Drug Controller to intervene with the matter so long as drug is of the permitted quality
Rule 59-Renewal of licence on the death of one of the partners
Rules 64 and 65 – mandatory issuance of cash memos by sellers of medicines
Rule 76—Writ petition—renewal of licences
Rules 76 and 78—non-compliance of—manufacture of unethical drugs—meant for addiction
Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945—Cr.P.C.1973—Section144—notification under—restrictions imposed on the sale of drugs
Licence – expiry of – writ petition
Rule 76--Schedule M Certificate—renewal of absolute discretion of Drugs Controller
Rule 2 (ee) (iii)--Validity of notifications—whether ultra vires or intra vires
Rule 2 (ee) (iii) and 65--Legislative competence of rule making authority
Schedule M (as amended by Drugs and Cosmetics (Fifth Amendment) Rules 2005) notification dt. 30.6.2005 Rule 78—once the rules are valid any relief plainly lies outside the jurisdiction of the writ Court under Article 226 of the Constitution
Rule 66-Cancellation and Suspension of licences
Rule 68A, 122F, 122M and 122O and Form 27C-Jurisdiction of Licensing Authority
Rule 122F (1), Explanation-Blood bank
Rules 49 A and 50 A.Qualifications of Licencing and Controlling Authorities


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