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 Case Digest

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973
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Section 156 (3), 202(1)-Directing the Police Sub-Inspector to give a report to the Court within thirty days
Section 397 read with Section 401-Enquiry on the application filed under Section 470(3) Cr.P.C.
Section 36-Opinion of the Public Prosecutor
Section 313-Statement of accused -Facts not put to accused-effect of
Section 207 and 208-Copies of Chargesheet and all relevant documents relied upon by prosecution
Section 38 (1) and (3)-to file an appeal against the acquittal order-Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940-Section 18 (c)-- Complaint filed under
Section 397 r/w section 401-petition under-for setting aside the judgement and sentence - Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940-Section 18 (a)(i) and 27 (d)-conviction and sentence under
Section 482-Petition under-to quash the private complaint-Drug Price Control Order, 1995-Order 16-Essential Commodities Act, 1955-Section 7(1)(a)(ii)
Section 482-Petition under -to quash the proceedings - Drugs (Price Control) Order, 1995-Para 9 and Para 14 (1)-Violation of -Essential Commodities Act, 1995-Section 32(c)-Offences under
Section 482-Petition under - for setting aside the order issuing summons to the petitioners - Drugs (Price Control) Order, 1995-Essential Commoditiy Act, 1955-Section 3 (2)(c)-Offences under
Section 482-Petition for quashing the entire proceedings-complaint filed under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940-Sections 18 (a)(1)and 27 (d)
Section 482-Petition under for quashing the entire proceedings
Section 482-Petition under - to set aside entire proceedings
Section 210 (2)-Joint Trial-IPC, 1980-Sections 274, 275 and 276-Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940-Section 18/27-Charge -sheeted under
Section 397-Petition under - Revision against inadequacy of sentence
Section 377 - Appeal under - seeking for enhancement of sentence
Section 377 - appeal under for enhancement of sentences
Section 468 & 470--Application under
Section 313 - Examination of accused - Non-putting of appropriate question
Section 313 - Examination of accused - Mandatory nature of
Section 482--Petition under--for quashing of the proceedings
Section 482 -- Income Tax Act -- Section 279 -- grant of sanction for launching prosecution
Section 482-Exercise of power under
Sections 386 and 397--Appeals--Restoration
Section 197--Proceedings pending before ACJM quashed by the High Court as no sanction as required was there
Section 144--Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940--Section 33--Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945--Rule 54-A-- Notification issued by Magistrate as to sale and distribution of drugs
Section 197-A substantial part of cases against the accused does not require any sanction for their prosecution
Section 482--Order quashing charge passed under S. 482
Sections 200, 204--Summoning Order
Section 482 -- inherent powers of the Court
Section 274, 275 and 465
Section 482--petition under--excise duty--payment evaded by A2 and A3
Sections 482--offences by company
Section 468 (2) (c)-Period of limitation for taking cognizance
Section 473 --Court's power to condone delay


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