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Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940
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Details of Bulk purchase Rates by Government Organisations during 2006-07  
Compendium of Notified Prices 2008 English  
On Line Filing for approval or revision of price of Scheduled and Imported Drug Formulations with NPPA  
Pharmaceutical Policy-2002
Abatement as a percentage of retail sale price
Drugs & Cosmetic Act-1940
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Draft National Pharmaceuticals Policy, 2006 (Part-A)  
Task Force Report, 2005 under Chairmanship of Dr. Pranob Sen
National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Policy, 2012
Pharmaceutical Policy-2002
Draft National Health Policy 2001
Guidelines & Standards for Practice of Telemedicine in India
WHO Model List of Essential Drugs
WHO Model list of Essential Medicines 15th edition
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 DrugsControl.org wishes its viewer's a very Happy Independence Day   Fixed dose combination of Flupenthixol and Melitracen banned for human use vide GSR 498 (E) dtd 11.7.14  
Human Rights aren't just about violence and terrorism. Unsafe drugs too fall into the category. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has described the manufacture, distribution and sale of unsafe drugs and medical devices as a violation of human rights.
Top Exciting Stories
Third incident in 20 days: 10 at Rajawadi react to drug injections  (29/8/14)
Scientists say Himalayan herb is modern-day sanjeevani  (28/8/14)
Pharmacist जागृति अभियान जयपुर से शुरू  (28/8/14)
बिजली कटौती से बदला इंसुलिन का रंग  (28/8/14)
दवा खाने से बच्चियों की तबीयत बिगड़ी  (28/8/14)
IPC to work with NACO to monitor safety of ARV drugs as part of PvPI programme  (28/8/14)
Narcotics authorities of India and Sri Lanka meet to stem drug menace  (27/8/14)
Seize all spurious drugs immediately: HC to govt, CDSCO  (27/8/14)
FIR against Angawadi worker  (27/8/14)
Fake plaint against govt staff to invite strict action  (27/8/14)
US Pharmacopeia joins safe online pharmacy group  (27/8/14)
India cracks down on misleading ads  (27/8/14)
Generic Medicines at reasonable Price initiative by Gurgaon Chemists  (26/8/14)
Commerce ministry sets up ICC within CDSCO to address issues of exporters  (26/8/14)
NPPA issues draft Internal Guidelines for dealing with cases of price revision under Para 19 of DPCO, 2013  (25/8/14)
Maha FDA orders stop use of cefotaxime injection following death of a patient  (25/8/14)
NPPA fixes/revises ceiling and retail prices of 56 formulation packs  (25/8/14)
सुपौल में एक्सपायरी दवाओं से भरे हैं Store  (25/8/14)
एसएसकेएम से तीन कर्मचारी गिरफ्तार  (25/8/14)
टेंडर में विसंगतियों पर सवाल  (25/8/14)
US FDA finalizes new hydrocodone regulations  (25/8/14)
New Technology Approved by American FDA Converts Your Smartphones to Heart Monitors  (25/8/14)
Irregularities found at Medical Stores in Bharatpur  (24/8/14)
एक दर्जन से ज्यादा कंपनियां Black listed  (24/8/14)
एम्स को नकली दवाएं बेची गईं  (24/8/14)
खून के लिए दलाली!  (24/8/14)
पहली बार पॉजिटिव दूसरी बार निगेटिव  (24/8/14)
कंपनी मालिक सहित पांच को सजा  (22/8/14)
चंडीगढ़ की 5 दवा दुकानों पर आयकर की रेड  (22/8/14)
गलत इंजेक्शन लगने से 27 महिलाएं बीमार  (21/8/14)
Fairness cream makers welcome new ad norms  (21/8/14)
550 ampoules seized from duo  (20/8/14)
Triclosan is becoming the scourge of the month; Colgate defends it  (20/8/14)
DoP asks NPPA to revalidate data on Famotidine tabs of Abbott Healthcare, rejects review petition of Fresenius  (20/8/14)
Maha FDA conducted 122 raids in 2013-14 as against only 49 in year 2012-13  (19/8/14)
Govt set to revise patent norms for pharma  (19/8/14)
IPC launches medicines adverse effect reporting form for patients  (18/8/14)
Delhi Govt to crack down on quacks in the Capital  (18/8/14)
Procter & Gamble patents counterfeit detection kit  (18/8/14)
Huge drugs seized in Chittagong  (18/8/14)
Research News
New Assay That Identifies Fake Malaria Drugs Could Save Thousands of Lives  (17/7/14)
Nano tech to fight spurious drugs  (22/6/14)
Multiple medication use 'not always hazardous,' say researchers  (19/1/14)
Rice Bran Oil Consumption Found Significantly Reducing Cholesterol  (27/12/13)
Database Tracks Toxic Drug Side Effects  (13/12/13)
Breast milk becoming contaminated CSIR  (5/10/13)
Making cancer drugs more effective  (9/9/13)
PhRMA: Drug companies have 444 medicines under development for neurological disorders  (1/8/13)
IICT makes headway in cancer treatment  (6/7/13)
The Fraud of Cancer Research  (30/5/13)
Anti-fungal medicine can make malaria drugs deadlier  (20/5/13)
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